Tyrannosaurus Rex:

My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair, But Now They're Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows July 1968 Regal Zonophone

Prophets, Seers And Sages The Angels Of The Ages Nov. 1968 Regal Zonophone

Unicorn July 1969 Regal Zonophone

A Beard Of Stars Apr. 1970 Regal Zonophone

Doubleback (double album re-release) 1972 Fly

Marc . The Words And Music 1947-1977 (compilation) april 1972 Cube


T.Rex Dec. 1970 Fly

The Best Of T.Rex March 1971 Fly Budget

Electric Warrior Sept. 1971 Fly

Bolan Boogie May 1972 Fly

The Slider July 1972 Fly

Great Hits Oct. 1972 EMI

Tanx April 1973 EMI

Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow Or A Creamed Cage In August Feb. 1974 EMI

Light Of Love 1974 Casablanca

Bolan's Zip Gun Feb. 1975 EMI

Futuristic Dragon Jan. 1976 EMI

Get It On (compilation) Jan. 1976 MFP

Dandy In The Underworld March 1977 EMI

T. Rex With Marc Bolan (The Greatest Hits, Volume 1) June 1978 Pickwick

Solid Gold T. Rex (compilation) 1979 EMI

The Unobtainable T. Rex 1980 EMI

T. Rex In Concert Aug. 1981 Marc Records

Marc Bolan:

Marc Bolan Ė The Beginning Of Doves 1974 Track

Bolanís Best + 1 1977 Cube

You Scare Me To Death Oct. 1981 Cherry Red



Toby Tyler:

The Road Iím on (Gloria) 1 sided 1964. 1989 Archive Jive records Toby 1 GB

Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Debora / Child Star May 8 1968 Regal Zonophone

One Inch Rock / Salamanda Palaganda Sept. 4 1968 Regal Zonophone

Pewter Suitor / Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles Jan. 1969 Regal Zonophone

King Of The Rumbling Spires / Do You Remember Aug. 9 1969 Regal Zonophone

By The Light Of The Magical Moon / Find A Little Wood Jan. 1970 Regal Zonophone

Marc Bolan:

Cat Black (Remix) / Jasper C Debussy (Remix), 1966. 1981 Cherry Red Records Cherry 32 F